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FMC Number FMC Name
EGLV-601 General Rules Tariffs For All Trades (Rules + B/L + Equipment)
EGLV-602 Bill of Lading Tariff
EGLV-603 USA & Puerto Rico to Far East
EGLV-604 USA & Puerto Rico to Middle East & East Africa
EGLV-605 USA & Puerto Rico to Australia
EGLV-606 USA & Puerto Rico to Europe
EGLV-607 USA & Puerto Rico to Mediterranean Sea, Black-Sea
EGLV-608 USA to Africa
EGLV-609 USA & Puerto Rico to Caribbean Sea (excl. Buenaventura, Colombia)
EGLV-610 Caribbean Sea (excl. Buenaventura, Colombia) to USA & Puerto Rico
EGLV-611 USA & Puerto Rico to East Coast of South America
EGLV-612 East Coast of South America to USA & Puerto Rico
EGLV-613 USA & Puerto Rico to Gulf of Mexico
EGLV-614 Gulf of Mexico to USA
EGLV-615 Europe to USA & Puerto Rico
EGLV-616 Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea and Middle East to USA(Eff:Jul/15/12 remove Middle East)
EGLV-617 European Inland Tariff
EGLV-618 Far East, Middle East & Africa to USA & Pureto Rico
EGLV-619 USA & Puerto Rico to W.Coast of S. America (Incl. COBVT)+Pacific Coast of Mexico
EGLV-620 W. Coast of S. America (incl. COBVT), Pacific Coast of Mexico to USA & Puerto Rico
EGLV-621 Australia to USA & Puerto Rico
EGLV-622 USA & Puerto Rico to East Caribbean Sea & Central America
EGLV-623 East Caribbean Sea & Central America to USA & Puerto Rico
EGLV-624 Middle East to USA (Merge to EGLV-618)
EGLV-625 USA to West Africa
EGLV-626 West Africa to USA


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